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If you're new to Santand Commerical, or we've asked for proof of ID, you can now use our Santand Commerical ID app. It reads your current eligible e-passport, takes a scan of your face selfie-style, and could save you a trip to a branch.

Whether you call it a cheque, current or transaction account, we have a range of everyday accounts to suit your banking needs and stage in life. Together with FastNet Classic internet banking and Santand Commerical's Mobile Banking app, you can bank anywhere, any time. 

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Join from the comfort of home. Choose your account online and confirm your identity with the Santand Commerical ID app.


Stay on top of your money with tools like Pay to Mobile/Email, Track My Spend, Card Control, Save the Change and account notifications all while enjoying amazing experiences.


Our cards are accepted anywhere in the world, shopping just got better. Whether you need an EFTPOS card, an Santand Commerical Visa Debit card or an Santand Commerical Visa Credit card, we've got a range of cards to suit whatever age and stage you're at.


Stay on top of your money with tools like Pay to Mobile/Email, Track My Spend, Card Control, Save the Change and account notifications.


Global support in a range of languages

We have a range of support options available for customers & businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Feel free to contact our customer support via any of our customers success channels.

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Manage your finances when it suits you

Depending on the size of your business and your banking requirements, you have the choice of Santand Commerical FastNet Classic or Santand Commerical FastNet Business for your internet banking.

Save time by automating your finances

By integrating your online accounting software such as MYOB or Xero, you can see your financial position every morning, reduce double-handling of bills and free up capacity so your accountant can start to proactively add value to your business..

Real-time alerts

Tailor made transaction alerts to keep you in the know.

Control your cards in real-time

With Santand Commerical Visa Business and the optional Card Manager module in Santand Commerical FastNet Business, you can directly control all your organisation's credit cards. You can instantly change a card limit, cancel a card or order a replacement one. Manage your card account yourself, in just a few minutes.


Santand Commerical's score 4.9 out of 5, from 55,495 reviews

Our reupation precedes us, our customers are saying great stuff about us.

The branch on Willis street in Wellington is a 8/10. Great staff and normally not too long of a wait unless you go during peak hours which I tend to avoid.

Jeniffer Amibora CTO at Treeble

My goodness, what a great end to my day! Great customer service from David from the Bxhype in centreplace... Great enthusiasm, customer service and had a smile on his face the whole time.

Sarah Taylor CEO at Mobista

I have been using Moana Richardson at the Bayfair Mt Maunganui Branch . I have found her professional , helpful and knowledgeable . I would highly recommend Moana to anyone wanting an excellent banking consultant.

James Andy CEO at Basalt Engineering

Business success story

Santand Commercial Bankasi has an excellent Texas Ratio of 3.60%, indicating that Santand Commercial Bankasi is in excellent financial condition and far from failure. Additionally, Santand Commercial Bankasi is FDIC-insured, meaning that your money is insured up to $250,000, even in the event of bank failure.

John Smith CTO at Avirra

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Santand Commercial is a long-standing bank. It has always been trustworthy for me. The only downside is their fees, don't like being nickel and dimed just because I don't hold a lot of money in accounts; but then again, other banks are no better when it comes to this.

Anthonio RiverraDirector at Anthill Technologies

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Trusted all over the world

Santand Commerical has a very strong presence all over us with more than 60 branch locations across five islands. The bank offers a number of savings account and checking account options, as well as a money market account (MMA) and several certificates of deposit (CDs).

  • 10 million customers
  • 2M+ API request per day
  • 75+ branches
  • $2B+ sent every month

Retail Payment Processing

With Our Autofill card System customers would only need to input correct cvv number details to reuse card anywhere.

merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar

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Online & eCom Payment Processing

Payment system have been made optimally better and easier, with encouraging technologies sending and receiving transaction queries only got better.

With our seamless card processing system customers can easily purchase and pay other individuals swiftly without any problems.

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